Vacaville Tree Foundation

The Vacaville Tree Foundation (VTF) is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping people in our community conserve and enhance their local environment. Hundreds of volunteers have taken part in VTF activities that further the protection, restoration, and sustainable management of Vacaville's trees and other natural resources. Through our educational efforts, we also strive to improve awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of trees and other natural resources in and around the community.

Vacaville Tree Foundation Goals

* Restore degraded plant communities in public open space and park lands.
* Support sustainable natural resource management on public open space lands.
* Increase public participation in the planting, maintenance, and monitoring of the community's trees and other natural resources.
* Promote appropriate tree planting in the community.
* Provide information on proper tree care to residents.

The Vacaville Tree Foundation has organized annual volunteer plantings of native oaks and other native trees on city open-space lands since 1992. VTF volunteers have planted more than 2000 planting sites on at least 125 acres, using locally-collected seed. We continue to monitor these plantings and maintain over 400 protective cages around individual planting sites. Vacaville Tree Foundation volunteers have also participated in school Arbor Day plantings and provided technical information about tree planting and care to local residents. Much of the Vacaville Tree Foundation's work has been accomplished through partnerships with the City of Vacaville, the California Medical Facility Citizen's Advisory Committee, and other local groups.

*Member of the California ReLeaf Network