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Free the Trees fall 2014/winter 2015

Free the Trees Friday after work, fall 2013/winter 2014

Free the Trees Work Morning, Saturday May 1, 2010 9:30 AM to Noon

A small but hard-working group of volunteers met at the North Alamo Open Space on Alamo Drive. We spent a morning removing Vaca cages (wire cages that have portected the trees from cattle browsing) from the trees that are now large enough to resist damage from cattle. The cages generally needed to be cut away because branches had grown though them. This is the oldest volunteer oak planting in Vacaville conducted using direct seeding of acorns on nonirrigated sites. Local valley oak acorns were planted here in fall 1989.

Special thanks to Rhett Richardson and Solano Shade for organizing this work day and providing trucks and equipment. The T-posts used to support the cages end up being quite difficult to remove once the trees have gotten large because roots grow around the metal plate that is on the underground part of the T-post. Solano Shade's power equipment made it possible to extract the posts without damaging the trees (or the volunteers!) and haul away the detritus. Some pictures from the workday are posted below. Thanks to all those that came out to help free the trees.

Rhett Richardson removes T posts

Rhett Richardson uses his bobcat to remove T posts, Devin assisting

Mathew, student at SCC

Justin, student at SCC

Rafael, student at SCC Steve

Ken and Ted

Free the Trees Work Morning, November 21 2009

Volunteers remove Vaca cages. Oaks were planted as acorns in November 1993.